7 Powerful Moves to Restore your Brands Tarnished Image

Restore your Brands Tarnished Image

When you are starting a business, one of the most important things to do is to build up the brand of that business. Your brand is your identity, through this, your customer distinguishes you from other similar businesses out there.

Now building up the brand name is much more than just giving a cool name or a logo, it is all about building your business reputation, and for that, you need to give 110%, maybe much more than that.

Reputation can be built through different ways, by providing great service, great products and attending the customer’s needs are some of the main ones and it takes a lot of time and hard work.

Now sometimes there can be some problems, which can arise at any time and tarnish the image of your brand that you have taken so much time to build. It can be a bad product, an action of your business that doesn’t seem right or anything. Nonetheless, we can’t just sit around and ponder about it; we need to do the deed to get our business back on its feet.

The most important thing while building a brand name is that you need to be preparing for any worst-case scenario and at any time. The brand name can come spiralling down because of a simple mistake and with social media on its top form; it won’t take even a minute to become breaking news, thus spreading like a wildfire.

In this article, we will give you an insight into powerful marketing moves that can fix your tarnished brand name. Some of the techniques that can fix your brand names are,

A brand for a company is like a reputation for a person. You earn a reputation by trying to do hard things well. -Jeff Bezos

Be Active with Your Values

This is a prime time to collaborate with different charities and follow the particular set of values that your company stands for.Start Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) if you haven’t already because the actions speak louder than voice.

So, if by any chance a crisis arises and bad word of mouth goes out, if you stick to your values, your customers will understand that it’s just a wrong way of presenting a situation as your reputation is already a hit with the help of your marketing.

Share the Outcome of CSR

When your business is partaking in CSR, it is important to share it with your customers; this will show them that you and your business are responsible to society and its surroundings.

Sharing does not mean bragging, sharing the results through social media, and letting people know about the achievements of CSR in a humble way.

Create a Campaign for Honest Feedback

Your customers are your biggest asset, if they are not happy with your services; your business is bound to get doomed. After the crisis, start creating a campaign that will ask for honest feedback from your customers. This will make them realize that your business is trying its level best to build trust again. The campaign can be held digitally or physically as well. Although digitally, you’ll be able to interact with more people.

Be Responsive to the Problem

Don’t try to be defensive and hide the problem, it will only fuel the fire, once it gets revealed because it will. When the problem arises, acknowledge it, be transparent to your customers, and clearly state your response to the world.

If you’re wrong, don’t shy away from apologizing.

Be Active on Social Media

We are living in a time, where everything is transparent thanks to social media. Be it your products or customer services, if people don’t find it good, they often convey their concerns on social media and present their dissatisfaction.

Keep an eye on thehashtag of your brandand use social listening tools to understand what truly is cooking. If there is a negative comment, you can easily handle it by responding to it and solving the problem, before it gets out into the front for everyone to judge. Try to control all the conversation that is about your brand.

Communicate Carefully

Remember that communication is the key. Social media helps you in engaging your customers with your brand, so when a crisis arises, be careful while responding. The way you convey the message talks a lot about your brand.

Take your time, if you think there is a need, and then respond but not too much. Your brand name depends on it, one single response can eventually make or break your business.

Connect with the People

One thing about humans is that we are bound to make mistakes, what sets us apart is our way to acknowledge it and own up to it. When a mistake took place, apologies properly, and get ready to solve it, instead of being arrogant.

Express yourself and try to connect with people and understand what they are feeling, communicate with empathy and show your customers that the brand cares about them and not just focusing on making money.

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