Five Ways to Grease Potential Business Partners

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When it comes to doing business, making deals is a huge part of it. You need to work with people to maximize and optimize your business venture. Whether you are looking for investors, partners, a company to provide a service, or a business to buy from or sell to, there is always a reason you need to work with other companies and business professionals.

So much of this process is gaining their trust. Not only is it necessary for them to like you, but you also need to show that you are on the same page. In short, it’s necessary to grease your potential partners in any way you can. Below are a few methods to make them trust and like you while showing them business is good with you.

Take Them Out

One of the most classic and effective ways to treat your potential business partners well is to take them out. You want to give them the idea that you are doing very well in business. Pay for everything. Take them to a nice dinner, maybe some drinks afterwards. During this time, you should do your best to get to know them.

Whether you are trying to get these people on your side or want to appeal to them in a way you know that will respond to, it’s best to do it slowly. Get to know them and their sensibilities. Not only will it help you navigate the whole situation better, but you will also have the chance to show who you are and what you are about.

Ask About their Lives

Whether it’s at dinner, drinks, or in the office at your desk or theirs, you should ask about their lives. Find out who they are. What makes them tick? What are their goals and dreams? Do they have a family? Who are they supporting? What got them into the business in the first place?

Don’t ask too many questions too fast—they might think you are being manipulative but if you show genuine interest in the person to strengthen your business partnership, a lot of people will respond well. People like to talk about themselves. When you approach people on their terms, they will be calm and more likely to open up to you—allowing for better understanding and an improvement on your strategy to work with them.

Show Them You Understand Them

As you get to know the potential partners, you should do your best to show them that you understand them. What motivates them? What are they worried about? What exactly are they looking to get from this deal? Show that you understand what their business needs and make sure they understand that you and your venture can help them get there. If this means, giving them a more advantageous number, strengthen the deal in their favor, or add something that entices them to close the deal.

Buy Them Gifts

After you have gotten to know the people, their wants, needs, and desires, you will have the chance to show that you know these things by buying them gifts. Gifts for your business partners are nearly always a good idea, except maybe if someone says they don’t like gifts. Whether you are trying to convince them of something or thank them for doing good business with you, a gift doesn’t hurt.

Provide Insightful Information

Information is extremely valuable. Not only can you use information to make a better case, but you can also show that you are on their side. When you share information with people, they feel like they can trust you. When you hold information to yourself all the time, people will be weary. They will be skeptical of who you are and what you are doing. When you’re doing business with people, you want them to trust you and know what you know to make the right move.

There are a lot of moving parts to convincing someone to do business with you. You don’t want to come off too strong, but you also want to put in the work to show them that you are trustworthy and on their side. The bottom line is that you want to show them you are stronger together. There are many ways to do that. Tread softly, and carry a big stick, but always think quickly on your feet.

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