7 Movies like Oppenheimer

7 Movies like Oppenheimer

“Now I become Death, the destroyer of worlds”, says Cillian Murphy’s character in the trailer of Oppenheimer. Based on the physicist who was behind the invention of the atomic bomb or the “Manhattan Project.” His quote explains the impact of scientific discovery. They have the power to influence or completely change the world. While Christopher Nolan is prepared to bring his next big work, here are some of the movies like Oppenheimer based on Scientific Discovery-

7 Movies like Oppenheimer:

1. The Imitation Game

7 Movies like Oppenheimer based on Scientific Discovery

Image – TFI Post

Set in a world where being a computer scientist was rarer than today, The Imitation Game is based on the journey of the codebreaker and computer scientist Alan Turing who deciphered Nazi codes for the British government during the Second World War. The film’s title is inspired by the game that Turing proposed in his response to the answer “Can Machines Think?”

Benedict Cumberbatch takes the role of the puzzle-solver and gives an enthralling performance. The movie is captivating for its content and will definitely be a perfect watch for all those who love solving equations or even puzzles in general.

2. The Theory of Everything

7 Movies like Oppenheimer based on Scientific Discovery

Image – Time Magazine

If you are a Potterhead, chances are you have encountered (and loved) Eddie Redmayne in the Fantastic Beasts series. However, he also starred in a much more mature and inspiring role when he played the character of Stephen Hawking in The Theory of Everything.

It shows the journey of Hawking as he cherishes the world of physics and is completely engulfed in it while also coming to terms with his condition when he was diagnosed with Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis. Even though the movie is loosely based on real-life events, like Oppenheimer, it shows a physicist who altered the way we look at science and opened new boundaries for physicists.

3. A Beautiful Mind

7 Movies like Oppenheimer based on Scientific Discovery

Image – Plugged In

Featuring Russell Crowe as John Nash, a Nobel Laureate in Economics, A Beautiful Mind captures the journey of the economist as he manages his professional life while dealing with schizophrenia. While the movie focuses a lot more on Nash’s mental state and personal experiences, it shows how self-discovery is as important as scientific discovery and that a person’s life is a balance between both his personal and professional existence.

It is never easy to play a role in a biopic especially when you are taking on a role with several aspects to blend and Crowe did the job quite well.

4. The Man Who Knew Infinity

7 Movies like Oppenheimer based on Scientific Discovery

Movies like Oppenheimer based on Scientific Discovery || Image – Prime Video

A movie that will set your mood for Oppenheimer, The Man Who Knew Infinity features Dev Patel (known for his works like Slumdog Millionaire and the Green Knight) as Srinivasan Ramanujan, an iconic Indian mathematician who made his way to London and had a major mathematical breakthrough.

Belonging to the lower middle class in India, Ramanujan made his way to Cambridge during the First World War. The movie portrays his journey to success along with his encounter with racial prejudices and his own tuberculosis both of which put several hurdles for the genius mind. If you have watched The Theory of Everything, you will surely like The Man Who Knew Infinity.

5. Radioactive

7 Movies like Oppenheimer based on Scientific Discovery

Image – Rotten Tomatoes

There is no dearth of movies based on scientific discoveries gone wrong. Radioactive follows Marie Curie as she discovered Radium and Polonium without knowing the harmful consequences of these chemicals.

Rosamund Pike plays the role of Curie as she promotes the usage of radium oblivious to the fact that its radioactivity is deadly for the people. The film is quite similar to Oppenheimer and fans can expect a similar content from it too- a scientific discovery of a substance whose power is not discovered fully yet it is used. Radioactive is one of the best biographical movies based on scientific invention as Curie realises the harm she has released into the world.

6. Tesla

7 Movies like Oppenheimer based on Scientific Discovery

Movies like Oppenheimer based on Scientific Discovery || Image – KMUW

The majority of you might think that Tesla is based on the famous electric car company and a few of us are aware of its inventor- Nicola Tesla. As Ethan Hawke takes the role of Tesla, the movie is already brilliant in terms of performance.

Tesla invented many electrical components and machines however only a few of them earned the recognition they deserved in his lifetime. The movie celebrates the legacy of a forgotten inventor whose name is kept alive but without recollecting the rich history connected to it.

7. Arrival

7 Movies like Oppenheimer based on Scientific Discovery

Image – David I. CrabTree

Although Arrival is science fiction, it is a treat for those who love alien films. Featuring Amy Adams and Jeremy Renner among others, the movie shows Adams as a linguist who tries to communicate with extraterrestrial species whose spacecraft has entered the radar of the earth before strains between the aliens and humans lead to a full-fledged war.

Though it is not based on any real-life invention, Arrival is an adventurous movie quite similar to Nolan’s Interstellar, and is definitely worth watching.


The movies we have listed above have an enthralling storyline but what is equally important in a biopic is a strong actor who can blend into the role of a real-life human that they are assigned to play. Cillian Murphy has established his name in the film industry with his diverse roles. Fans are expecting that he will not disappoint them in Oppenheimer. Moreover, he has collaborated with Christopher Nolan before in The Dark Knight trilogy, Inception, and Dunkirk.

Are you excited for Oppenheimer? Let us know below!

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