Simran Roye Makeup artist and entrepreneur in Delhi

Simran Roye Makeup artist
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Simran Roye is a driven and ambitious entrepreneur with a passion for the beauty industry. As a salon owner, makeup artist, and cosmetology professional, she has achieved great success and established herself as a leader in the industry.

Simran began her career as a makeup artist in 2012, freelancing and gaining firsthand experience in special effects makeup, color combination, and skin tone management. She quickly became known for her exceptional skills and strong familiarity with makeup industry standards. Her high multitasking and organizational abilities, combined with her superior knowledge of skin products, allowed her to excel in her role.

In 2014, Simran joined Toni&Guy as a salon manager, where she gained experience in managing client appointments, and salon personnel, and driving turnover and profits. Her analytical skills, ability to identify staff training requirements and talent for organizing promotion and marketing campaigns enabled her to achieve excellent results for the salon.

In 2015, Simran took the next step in her career and became a franchise owner for Looks Salon Pvt Ltd, a well-known brand in India. As the owner, she had a hands-on approach to running the business, ensuring that the salon was running efficiently, customers were leaving satisfied, and the business was operating at a profit. She was responsible for managing client appointments, setting targets for beauty therapists, analyzing monthly and weekly sales, and driving turnover and profits. Her dedication and hard work led to the multiplication of sales and profits for two salons.

Simran has also gained extensive experience as a bridal makeup artist, having done more than 400 bridal makeups and counting. Her impressive portfolio of work includes a range of bridal styles, from traditional to modern and everything in between.

Simran’s success as a franchise owner and makeup artist is due in part to her education in cosmetology. She holds a diploma in Professional Cosmetology from Shehnaz Hussain and a diploma in Advanced Hair & Makeup from VLCC. She also has a BSc degree from JD Institute in Hauz Khas.

In addition to her impressive credentials and experience, Simran Roye has a keen interest in exploring international industry opportunities. She is a confident, amicable, and good communicator, making her an ideal candidate for any beauty industry role.

Simran’s accomplishments in the beauty industry speak for themselves. Her passion, drive, and multifaceted expertise have led her to establish herself as a leader in the industry. She continues to attend workshops, stay up to date with the latest trends, and expand her knowledge to provide the best possible service to her clients.

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