Jo Lindner, Who Admitted to Using Steroids, Dies at 30

Jo Lindner
Image: Jo Lindner | Instagram

A heartbreaking news has left the entire fitness industry in a deep state of grief. German bodybuilder and fitness influencer Jo Lindner aka Joesthetics passed away minutes ago. Jo, who was popular among the fans on his socials with the name Joesthetics, had millions of fans across the globe.

The heartbreaking news was shared by Noel Deyzel, another German bodybuilder. Noel and Jo seem to be great friends for their common fields of interest. Noel took to Instagram and penned down a very heartfelt message for the fitness influencer. He also shared a picture of himself with Joesthetics at the gym where the two are seen having a great time flexing.

The second slide of Noel’s recent Instagram post is home to a very pain-stricken message coming from Deyzel. “I still keep checking my phone waiting for your reply so we can meet at the gym,” wrote Noel. He also went ahead to express how Jo Lindner helped him achieve greatness and exposed him to knowledge about various things including social media.

Jo Lindner’s physique had been admired almost by all and had been a mentor for many. Lindner’s discipline towards his physique is a milestone for all the aspiring bodybuilders. However, he was once exposed to steroid usage and he then developed gynecomastia – a disease that causes enlargement of breast tissues and burns the nipples.The cause of the death of Joesthetics is still unknown but is expected to be revealed soon. We express our heartfelt condolences to the family, friends and all the people who looked up to Jo Lindner for inspiration.

Update: It is being reported that Jo Lindner died of aneurysm, which occurs when an artery balloons up and damages the body. It has also been revealed that Joesthetics was experiencing neck pain for the past 3 days.

The fitness community expresses their heart for Joesthetics who feared death

Noel Deyzel left the entire world in a wave of disbelief. A majority of the fans didn’t seem to believe that the 30-year-old is no more with them. There have been over 15000 people who have shared their condolences in the comment section of the Instagram post.

It had hardly been a month since Jo Lindner revealed his fear of dying. Jo was on the Bradley Martyn Raw Talk where he said, “The heart is also a muscle, that’s my biggest concern what if I get such a bad cramp that my heart gets a cramp.” Overtraining has always been a primary concern for all the athletes and Jo was no different.

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