Father kills 6 rapists of his daughter

Father kills 6 rapists of his daughter

It is true that even if someone shows inappropriate behavior with someone’s daughter, it enrages the father. In anger, he can go to any limit. But a dreadful incident has come to the fore from the Visakhapatnam district of Andhra Pradesh, it is heartbreaking. A man killed 6 people of the same family to revenge for his daughter’s rape.

The incident took place on the morning of 15th April when news was received from Jutara villages of Visakhapatnam that 6 dead bodies were lying in a house. The heart of the cops who reached the spot also trembled after seeing that scene. The dead ranged from a 60-year-old woman to a 6-month-old child. The blood on the head of the accused was such that he brutally killed even a 6-month-old baby. After the mass murder, the accused named Sanjay surrendered before the police.

According to the cops, a dispute was going on between Sanjay and his neighbor since the year 2018. Vijay was the culprit of raping Sanjay’s daughter and Vijay was also arrested in this case. However, he got bail and the hearing of the case was going on in the court.

According to the cops, to revenge for the rape of his daughter, Sanjay killed not only Vikas’s wife but also the children. And also killed the other women in the house. Vijay was not at home at the time of the incident and he survived the incident.

People are horrified by this bloodshed in Visakhapatnam and there is only one question on everyone’s tongues when the culprit had enmity with Vijay then why did he kill the children and family members so brutally? The police have started interrogating the accused. Along with this, many sharp weapons have also been recovered from him. It is being told that even after killing six people, there is not even an iota of wrinkle on the face of the accused. Nor does he have any regrets.Police have recovered the dead bodies of all 6 members of the family. Also, they have been sent for Autopsy. The dead included two women, two children, and two men.

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