5 ways to boost your creativity in 2023


Unlike commonly perceived, creativity is not a free-flowing quality; it is like a muscle that needs to be trained, challenged, and worked on to develop skills. Even if you don’t have a single creative bone in your body, you can train yourself to boost creativity. For those in search of ways to start getting their creative juices flowing consistently, here are five brilliant ways.

Try the 30 Circles Test

The goal of this exercise is to push people to test their creativity by turning circles into recognizable objects in a minute. Draw 30 circles on the paper and adapt as many circles as you can into objects. Most adults struggle because of the fear of being judged. On the other hand, kids are better at expressing their wild ideas without being self-critical.

Create the right environment

With the right environment, stimulus, and support anyone can be creative. Even if you stumble on your way you will ultimately reach your goal and succeed. Surround yourself with supportive peers, and inquisitive minds, and keep away from negative people. Find out what working conditions are best for you–time, location, lighting, as you need everything to be perfect to perform your best.

Overcome negative attitude

Try to eliminate negative thoughts or self-criticism that blocks your ability to develop creative skills. The fear of making a mistake or failure can paralyze your progress in every field of work. Always remember that mistakes are part of the process. Children tend to have tremendous creative energy as they have not yet learned to fear criticism or have experienced embarrassment from failure.

Try the 6 Thinking Hats technique

TheSix Thinking Hatstechnique involves looking at a problem from six differing perspectives. By doing this, you can produce more ideas. Black Hat:Use a negative perspective. Blue Hat:Think broadly. Green Hat:Think creatively. Red Hat:Look at the problem using your emotion and intuition. White Hat:Look at the situation objectively. Yellow Hat:Use a positive perspective.

Get some exercise

If you’ve been stressed out, exercise helps to calm your thoughts. Physical activity has been demonstrated in several studies to help us become creative as well as boost brain function. Walking, according to Stanford studies, increases creative thinking.In follow-up research, Harvard Business Review discovered that those who participate in walking meetings are more innovative and engaged. So get up and get walking!

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