What is JioMotive and its benefits for car owners?

What is JioMotive and its benefits for car owners
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What is JioMotive?

Mukesh Ambani-led Reliance Jio has launched JioMotive, the company’s latest smart device for cars. The JioMotive is an On-Board Diagnostics (OBD) device that says it can make your car smarter.

While new cars generally offer a lot of smart features including vehicle diagnostics, most older cars and even some of the new entry-level cars miss out on such features. The JioMotive device says that it can help convert these cars into “smart” cars.

JioMotive price and availability

The JioMotive device has been priced at INR 4,999 and is available from Amazon India, Reliance Digital, Jio Online store, and other authorised online and offline retailers.

What is an OBD device and how does it work?

An OBD device is a smart device that can be connected to a car’s OBD port that helps users track their vehicle’s health, vehicle location, their driving behavior and more.

JioMotive features

To begin, the JioMotive OBD device is locked to the Jio network, meaning it will only work with a Jio SIM. Users can access all the information provided by the device using the JioThings app, which is available for both Android and iOS smartphones.

The JioMotive device offers the following features and benefits –

Real-time vehicle tracking

Users can keep track of their vehicles 24×7. This means that even if your vehicle is stolen, you can use the device to find your vehicle.


You can select an area to create a geo-fence for your vehicle. What this means is that if your vehicle goes out of the specified area, you will receive an alert.

Time restrictions

You can also set time restrictions, alerting you if the vehicle has been used out of a specified period.

Vehicle health tracking

You can also use the JioMotive device to keep track of your vehicle’s health. The device provides alerts for over 100 diagnostic trouble codes (DTCs), helping users identify issues with their cars easily.

Driving behaviour

The JioMotive device also helps keep track of the driving behavior of the driver. It notifies the user about harsh driving, harsh braking, and acceleration.

JioMotive competitors

There are several third-party OBD and GPS tracking devices available in the online and offline market in India, including GoMechanic, OneLap, and more.

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