How to convert Petrol/Diesel vehicles to CNG

Diesel Car To CNG
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As the days are passing by a continuous hike is being observed in the price of petrol, diesel, and other fuels. These fuels have always been on high demand due to its enormous requirement though out the country, Since our country is a developing country, the number of vehicles are increasing day by day which requires to fulfill the hunger of fuel to run the vehicle. It may be now considered as a primary requirement for every individual.

Due to the gradual and sudden rise in the price of fuel, fuel prices are really touching the sky and making it almost unaffordable for a middle-class man.

Considering the environmental conditions due to high pollution , Government is now getting focused to promote CNG and Electrical vehicle , which not only reduces the pollution but also reduces the running cost and is cost-efficient of the vehicle and makes it affordable as CNG and Electric batteries are far better and cheaper than those high polluting and expensive fuels. Either one can change their vehicle to Electrical/CNG or they can go for CNG (Compressed Natural Gas ) Conversion by installation of CNG kits.
CNG has evolved as a safe as well as more efficient fuel and it is also getting popular day by day due to increase in the price of Petrol and Diesel. CNG costs around Rs.40/Kg which is very less as compared to the prices of diesel and petrol. The cost of CNG conversion ranges from Rs. 15,000 – Rs.25,000 depending upon the type of conversion, this includes the installation.

Due to high demand and popularity, many manufacturers have started providing a company installed CNG kit.

CNG ,Petrol, Diesel and Electric Vehicle Comparison – Prices , Performance

The most concerned factor for a buyer is the mileage , running cost and maintenance cost of vehicle , which becomes a deciding factor for the buyer to choose upon, And it largely depends upon the type of fuel.

  • Generally, diesel vehicle has high maintenance, due to the recent introduction of BS6 norms , these automobiles had become more expensive and unaffordable.
  • Petrol vehicle has overall low buying cost and maintenance but a high fuel rate.
  • CNG vehicle have nearly the same maintenance as that of petrol, with a lower cost of fuel and low investment plus it is environmental friendly. Petrol engines can easily run on CNG fuel with minor changes.
  • Coming to Electric vehicles which are purely pollution free, and environmental friendly. It has a low operational cost and maintenance cost. The only cons of Evs are the high initial investment.

The current fuel prices are as follows:

  • Petrol – Rs. 101.84 per litre
  • Diesel – Rs. 89.93 per litre
  • CNG – Rs. 46.60 per Kg

The prices are of Delhi and may vary state-wise.

Type of CNG kits

Factory fitted CNG kits:

These CNG kits come equipped in the vehicle from the company itself. These CNG kits are designed for a particular vehicle and can’t be installed anywhere else, These are safer than other options and people prefer it due to the warranty period.

Retrofitted CNG fuel kits:

Any running vehicle operating on petrol can be retrofitted with a CNG kit and can be operated on CNG fuel.

These kits cost lower than the factory-fitted CNG kits and these CNG kits can be fitted in any vehicle, but it may result in less safety.

The biggest disadvantage of retrofitting a CNG kit in the vehicle is that it results in warranty loss of the vehicle.

Installation of CNG for successful conversion

The components for retrofitting a CNG kit are as follows:

Pressure Regulator, Gas/Air Mixer, CNG filling valve, High-pressure Line, CNG tank and valves, Petrol/CNG Selector switch, Manometer, Heating System, and Emulator.

Advantages of using CNG fuel

CNG fuel has a high-octane number, better combustion leads to a clean exhausted gas. CNG operating vehicles have less NVH(Noise Vibration Harshness) levels and best of it, low operation and maintenance cost.

After installation maintenance

The vehicle engine is now at more risk to wear as there is no fluid in the engine, regular checkups are advised for better performance and long life of the engine. Air conditioners takes drive from the engine and increases the load on the engine which hampers the easy running of a vehicle.

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