How does involving Nano Influencers in your strategy beneficial?

How does involving Nano Influencers in your strategy beneficial?

In this period, social media influencers have a great influence on people. People look up to social media as a platform of creativity. They tend to follow the trends made by social media influencers. Those who have a not so big of a fan base but are loyal and high on trust and these are the ones who started to set a trend are known as Nano Influencers. Nano Influencers are well-known in fields such as food, fashion, travel, and beauty.

Nano-influencers are typically Instagram users who have 1000 or even more followers. Nano Influencers often have between 1000 and 5000 followers on social media. These are the people who aren’t very famous or flashy, but who have the power to affect their local neighbourhood or town. Nano Influencers are ‘regular everyday people’ who assist a brand market its products and services by influencing their friends, family, and others in their immediate environment. Many influencers are in partnership with some Influencer Marketing Platform India to promote individual products and businesses.

How Nano Influencers are beneficial?

Strong connection with the audience

It is usually said that the bonds made by Nano Influencers with the people are very strong. They are more intimidating and engaging because of their individualized discussion and one-on-one engagement with the audience. When the general public comments on their post, Nano Influencers frequently respond to practically all of the relevant ones, gain a thorough understanding of them, and form positive relationships with them.

Audience Faith in Nano Influencers

The audience trusts nano influencers more than anything because people know that they have a little audience that they do not want to disappoint. They tend to choose their advertisements carefully because they are friends with the majority of their followers.


Nano Influencer marketing platform in India majorly relies on its cost-friendly techniques with the Nano Influencer marketing platform. Many nano influencers do not even charge fees as they want to become famous and gain the trust of their audience quickly. But some effort in exchange for a small charge or, conversely, work for freebies or gifts.

Engagement is high

The popularity of nano influencers, since they haven’t reached celebrity status, has made them more approachable. This has helped their collaborators reach the right masses, achieving excellent engagement rates.

Genuine Influencers

Nano influencers specialize in very limited categories and areas. As a result, their followers favor their stuff. Nano influencers may also assist firms in experimenting with and determining what performs best in the market. They can assist in determining the audience’s response by observing their reactions and interactions.


Nano-influencers are a new type of influencer that has lately emerged. In comparison to other types of influencers, they tend to have fewer followers, typically less than 10,000. A Nano-influencer is someone who has a big presence in their community and is well-known there. This could be someone with clout in the area or community. For instance, nano influencers are ordinary people like you. So they can be anyone in your society like a local government leader, your friend who is a food blogger, or a local high school head boy/girl.

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