What are the things to pack for a high-altitude trek?

What are the things to pack for a high-altitude trek
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When it comes to packing for a trek, one needs to be more careful while doing so if they are visiting a high-altitude destination. The key here is to not overpack but rather include only the essential items that you may require during your journey. If you are confused about what to pack, this list will help you for sure.

Waterproof trekking shoes

Make sure to buy a pair of good quality trekking shoes, preferably high-ankled to avoid injuries. Ensure they are waterproof too as you may walk in different climatic conditions and terrains. Before buying, try walking in them for a bit to check the comfort level. Remember to also carry your floaters/sandals that you can wear when your feet become sore after trekking.


Since there are many kinds of jackets available in the market, check the weather conditions of your trek location and buy a suitable one accordingly. It is always advisable to carry a down jacket for minus-zero temperatures and a rain jacket to stay safe from sudden downpours. Ensure to pack these in the front pockets of your rucksack for easy access during emergencies.

Muffler and gloves

Don’t miss out on taking care of your neck and hands as woolen gloves and a muffler/scarf will help you keep them warm in cold weather conditions. When you are in your sleeping bag, the scarf can serve as a pillow, ensuring that your head stays warm while you sleep. You can also get snow gloves if it is a winter trek.

Sunglasses and trekking poles

It is very important to carry sunglass, especially on snow treks as you may experience snow blindness. Additionally, they shield your eyes from the mountains’ intense sun rays.It is equally important to carry a trekking pole for a comfortable trek. You can either buy one pole or two, depending on the terrain and routes you embark upon.


After sunset, trekkers have to rely on headlamps for all activities, even using the restroom since there won’t be electricity in the area you trek. Wear a cap during the day to avoid sunburns and as darkness falls, tread carefully with the aid of a headlamp. Enjoy the added benefit of hands-free convenience, eliminating the need to carry a torch for prolonged periods.

Water and toiletries

Carry enough water on the trek to avoid dehydration as you may constantly sweat. Along with water, remember to carry your important toiletries. These include items like toilet paper, face wipes, moisturizers, travel-size shampoo, soap paper/hand sanitizer, 30+ SPF sunscreen, 30+ SPF lip balm, a travel clothes wash, tissues (at least one packet), travel-size deodorant, a few plastic bags, and dental kit.

Food and medicines

Foods such as nuts (almonds, walnuts, or peanuts), energy bars, and mini chocolates can be perfect snacks during the trek to keep up your energy levels. Along with your regular medicines, make sure to carry Diamox tablets (for altitude sickness), blister plasters, painkillers (particularly for altitude-induced headaches), and tablets for diarrhea, cold, fever, and cough

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