What is Golden Visa of Greece: Benefits, Eligibility

What is Golden Visa of Greece

Greece’s Golden Visa program provides a powerful path to citizenship for foreign investors. Under the scheme, eligible applicants can obtain a five-year residence permit by making an investment in real estate or business activity in Greece. The program is also beneficial for Greeks, as it brings capital into the country and bolsters local businesses. This article will provide an overview of the Golden Visa program in Greece, highlighting its advantages, requirements, and how to apply.

Definition of Golden Visa Greece

Golden Visa Greeceis a type of residency visa that grants non-EU citizens permanent residency and the right to live in Greek territory. This benefits both the investor and the host country, as it encourages foreign investment while providing economic development opportunities. Applicants must possess certain criteria, such as 5-year real estate investments in Greece or a fixed capital deposit in a Greek bank. The process is generally uncomplicated and quick, usually taking around 6 months, making it a great option for investors who want to become residents without having to navigate overly bureaucratic processes. When investing in Greece with a Golden Visa, applicants are taken care of with special services and assistance, so they can feel secure throughout their investment journey.

Benefits of Obtaining a Golden Visa in Greece

Obtaining a Golden Visa in Greece is one of the easiest ways to take advantage of the country’s many benefits. With a Golden Visa in Greece, individuals are granted residency with minimal requirements and documents needed and can enjoy many advantages, such as free movement within the Schengen area (with no need for extra paperwork) and access to top-class medical, educational, and healthcare services in Greece. The Greece Golden Visa also offers tax breaks on income generated from Greek properties or investments made in Greek companies as well as Greek citizenship by investment after seven years. Therefore, obtaining a Golden Visa in Greece is an attractive option for those interested in immigration and living in Greece due to its numerous advantages.

Eligibility Requirements for the Golden Visa Program

The Greece Golden Visa Program is an attractive economic residency program that allows foreign investors to obtain temporary residency in Greece and the Schengen Area. Eligibility for this program includes several criteria, such as investing in Greek real estate that is worth a minimum of 250,000 euros or establishing a Greek company with an initial capital of 500,000 euros. Additionally, applicants must not be subject to legal proceedings in Greece or any other Schengen country and must hold valid travel documents. Once they meet the eligibility requirements and submit their application and the necessary documentation to Greek authorities, foreign investors can take advantage of this attractive program.

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Application Process for the Golden Visa

Required Documents to Apply for The Program

To apply for the Greece Golden Visa program, applicants must submit a number of required documents. These typically include a valid passport, evidence of financial solvency, proof of legal entry into the country, and any other forms or documents as instructed by Greek immigration authorities. It is important that all submitted documents are up to date and accurate; any discrepancies may lead to delays in processing or ultimately disqualification from the program. All prospective visa holders should confirm all necessary documentation with their local Greek consulate prior to submitting a complete application package.

Processing Time to Obtain The Visa

Obtaining the Greece Golden Visa can be a complex process, but with careful planning of the timeline and document requirements, it is certainly possible to get the visa within a reasonable period of time. It is advisable to start the process several months before you plan to travel in order to secure the proper paperwork and ensure that you have enough time for processing.

Obtaining A Residence Permit with a Golden Visa in Greece

Obtaining a residence permit with the Greece Golden Visa program is a great way to secure long-term residency in an exotic Mediterranean country. The 5-year visa allows investors to gain permanent residence when they qualify under certain conditions. These include making a real estate investment of €250,000 or more, investing at least €400,000 in Greek stocks and bonds, or creating 10 jobs if acquiring citizenship status. All applications must meet specific criteria to obtain the Golden Visa—however, investment opportunities are abundant throughout the country, offering many different paths to securing a residence permit with Greece Golden Visa.


The Greece Golden Visa program offers an attractive opportunity for investors seeking to obtain permanent residency in this beautiful Mediterranean country.

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