How to Embed Instagram Photos on a Website

How to Embed instagram

It’s possible to embed content from Instagram into the HTML of your website or blog. Here’s how to embed an Instagram video or photo on a website so that visitors can interact with the post as if they were on Instagram.

How to Embed Instagram Videos on a Website

To get the code you need to embed, you must access the post through Instagram’s website. Assuming you’re starting with the Instagram app, follow these steps:

  1. Find the post you want to embed and tap thethree dotsin the upper-right corner.If you’ve already found the post you want to embed on, skip ahead to step 5.
  2. TapCopy Linkin the pop-up menu.
  3. Paste the link in an email and send it to yourself.

    Copy the Instagram post link and email it to yourself.
  4. Open the email on your desktop or laptop computer, then copy and paste the URL in a web browser to go to URL in a web browser.
  5. Select thethree dotsin the upper-right of the Instagram post’s page.

    Three dot menu on an Instagram post
  6. SelectEmbed.

    Embed on Instagram post
  7. SelectCopy Embed Code.

    Copy Embed Code on an Instagram postTo include the caption to show up on the web page, leave theInclude caption boxchecked.
  8. Go to your website or blog and paste the copied Instagram embed code into the appropriate location, then save and publish the changes.

Adding Instagram Embed Code to a Website

The right place to insert the code depends on the website or blogging platform you’re using. For example, if your site runs on WordPress, you just need to access your editable page in Text mode (rather than Visual mode). If you’re building a site using pure HTML or a static site generator, you can paste the raw HTML you copied into your site and work around it.

Take a look at the published page online to see the new Instagram photo or video neatly embedded. You should be able to see the photo with the link to the Instagram user’s name at the top as well as the number of likes and comments beneath it. If it’s a video instead of a photo, visitors will be able to play the video right on your website.

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